Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thursday, March 26 @ 7:30 pm
A.J. Llewellyn
Phantom Lover 2

The Forbidden Island

Johnny Kaimana is a young Honolulu tour guide, enjoying a fun, carefree existence and a no-strings sexual relationship with his roommate, Alex “Aloha” Granger. Just as things turn serious between them Johnny finds himself drawn to Mahini, a mysterious stranger, an imperious tattoo artist from The Forbidden Island of Ni’ihau.

Their hot romp turns almost deadly when an obsessed Mahini secretly burdens Johnny with an ancient, evil curse called he malama pu’olo, or Bundle of Death.

With the aid of the powerful kahuna Kimo Wilder now married to Johnny’s former boyfriend Lopaka, he must retrieve the very personal object Mahini has stolen from him. This means making a rare and dangerous trip to Ni’ihau an island forbidden to outsiders. Can Johnny break the hold of the curse? He must, for his sanity, his life and the life of the man he realizes he truly loves...

Summer Love

Kimo and Lopaka are expecting twins! Their joy at pending parenthood is shadowed however by Kimo’s fears that somebody will try and stop these children from being born. Already, other kahuna know that these twins will be the most powerful healers the islands have ever seen.

Lopaka’s twin sister Maluhia, who is the surrogate for the couple, must be protected at all costs. Kimo takes his burgeoning family on a vacation to secret, power vortexes all over the islands, enlisting the aid of the ancient gods and goddesses.

Maluhia also has just one request. She wants Kimo to conjure up a Summer Love for her and her romantic choice is unusual to say the least…